Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a monthly apartment or house subscription in a different state than California, New York, or Florida?

Definitely! If you'd like a home for a monthly subscription in other states, please contact us via e-mail at
Our sales team will look for a custom solution and, if possible, they will prepare a specific, tailor-made offer for you.

I want a long-term subscription, for 3, or even 5 years. Can I get a better price for the monthly subscription?

Yes. If you want a long-term monthly subscription, you will get a considerably better price, with increased cost efficiency.
Simply send your request to and our sales team will gladly prepare a specific offer.

How does the monthly subscription work?

The monthly subscription allows you to get your dream home, without the downpayment and so many other hidden costs that come along when you get a mortgage, a regular home loan or other funding agreements.

Can I ask for a specific monthly subscription for a home and have it reserved for me right now?

You can get a specific monthly subscription once you’ve completed verification and you're a Property Subscription member.

Can I get verified, become a member and decide on the property and monthly subscription in the future?

Absolutely. You can get verified and become a member right now, and select a home with its corresponding monthly subscription later.

How do I get verified?

We'll carry out a preliminary check, a check on your history, as well as a soft credit search - this won't affect your credit score!
Additionally, we’ll verify and process the information you provide during the verification process with the help of specialized third parties.

What if I've been evicted or soon will be from my current home, for not paying my rent or monthly installments?
Can I still get verified and become a Property Subscription member?

You are still very much eligible to get approved, since our verification process is based on affordability, instead of your credit score.

Our affordability assessment is focused mostly on your monthly income and the regular expenses you usually have.

If you're close to eviction, or if you've already been evicted from your previous home, for not paying rent or monthly installments on your home loan, you can still get approved upon verification and get a monthly subscription for a new home, on much better terms.

The home won't be taken away from you, even if you have overdue debts as a result of old agreements, as you're just using the home for a monthly subscription, making it legally not yours, even if you have the right to make an offer to purchase it.

Which homes am I eligible to get with a monthly subscription once I've been verified and have become a member?

Once you've become a verified member of Property Subscription, you'll be able to choose from numerous studio apartments, multiple-bedroom apartments, luxury suites, penthouses, regular houses, mansions or other real estate, all based on your ability to pay.

Once I've gotten a monthly subscription for a home, can I buy it?

Once you've gotten a monthly subscription for a specific property, you can always make a purchase offer for the real estate you've been living in and get flexible, convenient, and affordable funding terms.

Can I get a specific home that I have on my mind with a monthly subscription?

Our sales team will check if the specific real estate is available for rent or for sale and, if possible, they'll be happy to prepare a custom, tailor-made offer for you. The sales team can be contacted via e-mail at

Can I get a monthly subscription for a home even if I haven't been verified and I'm not a member yet?

Before you can get a monthly subscription for a home, you need to pass the verification process and become a member.

Why can't I first choose a property, make a reservation, get a specific monthly subscription, and get verified only after?

Although we make every effort to get you approved, as a result of the verification process and assist you in becoming a member, obviously, there's a chance that you may not pass the verification process and not be accepted as a Property Subscription member.

Please note that specialized third parties will be taking part in verifying your affordability and ability to pay your monthly subscription.

Considering this, we cannot refrain other members from accessing available properties. Also it wouldn't make any economic sense to keep a studio apartment, a multiple-bedroom apartment, a luxury suite, a penthouse, a regular house, a mansion or other real estate empty.

Considering all of the above, as well as many other reasons including, but not limited to maintaining the lowest possible monthly subscription for everyone, we can only select a specific property for verified members.

First step to membership: Online Verification

No down payments to get started, just a small one-time verification fee.

Before you choose a property and subscription, you must become a Property Subscription member. To become a member, your information needs to be verified.

We'll order a preliminary check, a check on your history, and a soft credit search.

We’ll also verify the information you provide with the help of specialized third parties.

All services are included in a one-time verification fee of $290.