Available Locations

Reasonable monthly subscriptions for properties are available in four areas of the United States:

San Francisco, California

Los Angeles, California

Miami, Florida

New York City, New York

At this moment, we provide properties for reasonable monthly subscriptions in the four areas listed above.
However, if you'd like a home for a monthly subscription in other areas, please send us an e-mail at sales@propertysubscription.com.
Our sales team will look for a custom solution and, if possible, they will prepare a specific, tailor-made offer for you.

San Francisco - Bay Area, California

Starting from $499/mo.


Los Angeles Area, California

Starting from $399/mo.


Miami Area, Florida

Starting from $399/mo.

New York City Area, New York

Starting from $399/mo.


Interested in studio apartments, multiple-bedroom apartments, luxury suites, penthouses, regular houses, mansions or other real estate?
Just send a message to sales@propertysubscription.com. Don't forget to mention your membership number.
If you're a verified member, an area manager will send you a specific offer for the property on your mind.

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